Received Response for Article 78 Lawsuit

“The City has responded to our Article 78 Lawsuit by asking the court to deny our Petition, claiming our neighborhood was adequately consulted in the rezoning process. We know this to be completely false: according to emails obtained by Gothamist (see article here) developers had the ear of the City while concerns raised by residents were dismissed. Our legal team is hard at work in our reply to the City. Stay up to date by signing up for our email list here.”

“Our work is already putting pressure on our elected officials: Council Member Rafael Salamanca, Jr., Chairman of the City Council’s Land Use Committee, recently questioned why certain neighborhoods were being selected for rezoning by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Raising concerns that the trend of these plans have had an outsized impact on existing lower-income residents. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is also on board, calling for legislation that would mandate a racial impact study before any rezoning (see article here). We will continue to hold our elected officials accountable to the needs of their constituents not developers or special interests.”

“Inwood Legal Action is still compiling research for a Fair Housing Act suit against the City with the hopes of filing later this year. We believe this lawsuit could be precedent-setting in how cities across the country would have to rezone low-income neighborhoods, considering their effect on communities of color. Please consider donating to help our efforts to stop the City’s discriminatory rezoning policies here.”

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