Thank You All!! Big Success last Saturday!!

Thank you to everyone who attended Inwood Legal Action’s Saturday May 4 Film & Panel Benefit, “The Fight for Inwood” at Good Shepherd School Auditorium. We had a full house, with close to 250 people who joined us. We shared excellent food & drink, saw the acclaimed documentary “My Brooklyn”, and heard the panel of […]

Update: Inwood Fights Back in Court Papers; Save Tues June 11 to Hear Our Attorney Make Legal Arguments in Court

By Philip T. Simpson, Esq. – Inwood Legal Action Litigation Committee On Friday April 12, Inwood Legal Action’s attorney Michael Sussman filed our written Reply to City Hall’s Response to our Article 78 lawsuit against the Inwood Rezoning, suing New York City for not looking at important impacts of the rezoning. Here is a link […]

Lawsuit in Progress

On December 10, 2018 our legal team submitted a complaint to the City arguing they had not studied the impact of Inwood upzoning on racial and ethnic minorities, the impact of the upzoning on minority and women-owned businesses, or its effect on tenants currently paying preferential rents. The City promised affordable housing as part of its […]

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